Thursday, August 5, 2010

Enemies of the Empire - A quick glance

Enemies of the Empire at a glance

Hello from Gen Con. I'm taking a moment from the morning to talk about Enemies of the Empire, which released today at Gen Con. I haven't had the time to read it and likely won't for several days now. But to give folks something to look forward to ... :)

The book is hardback like the 4th Edition Core book. It comes out to 288 pages. The book keeps the same layout that we saw with 4th Edition Core and looks beautiful. It has 14 Chapters of goodness to boot.

So what will you find inside?


Chapter 1: Bestiary - This chapter gives you new critters to work with.
Chapter 2: The Bloodspeakers - If the Spider isn't your cup of tea. If you were more of a fan of Iuchiban - Then this is the chapter for you.
Chapter 3: The Kolat - For those sneaky bastards who have spent centuries trying to undermine Rokugan.
Chapter 4: The Lost - Non Spider Tainty gTsuoodness.
Chapter 5: The Naga - Snakes in Rokugan. Ok their not snakes, but they are still there in their awesomeness.
Chapter 6: The Nezumi - The Ratlings in all their glory.
Chapter: 7 The Nothing - My favorite if you couldn't tell. Everything you need to knwo about Nothing.
Chapter: 8 Oni - The Crab's worst enemy.
Chapter: 9 Five Ancient Races - Kenku, Ningyo, Trolls, Kitsu & Tsuno, Zokujin
Chapter: 10 Ronin - Wavemen, you know you like them.
Chapter: 11 Shadowlands Beast - Sure they're not oni but they're just as dangerous.
Chapter: 12 Spirits - Kitsune and more.
Chapter: 13 Undead - Zombies ... braaaaiiiinnnnsssss
Chapter: 14 Appendix - Some

Oh and an Index

Also just a note, while some races like the Nezumi and Naga are presented they aren't presented as the "bad guys". You are more than capable of taking them and making them the hero's of your game.

But I've spoiled enough. I need to get back to the Gen Con exerpince.

Happy 15th Aniversy L5R!!!


  1. YAHOO!!!
    Go you!!
    And US!
    AND AEG!!

  2. I want that book. Only question is...can we have more Ronin detail?

  3. I'm sad there isn't any information on Gaijin. Seems quite the gap considering the current storyline.

    I want information on Kali-Ma, The Ebon Daughter, The God Beast of Kali-Ma, the Yobanjin, etc.

  4. Information on Kali-Ma is more likely to be in an end of an arc book similar to Vacant Throne and Four Winds.