Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Clans Previews

Great Clans

So Great Clans, the third supplement to be released for 4th Edition comes out soon. So what can you expect from Great Clans? Well it's an in depth look at the clans. More so than what we saw in the Core book and Emerald Empire. The clans history, out look and knocks and knacks are explored.

Great Clans features new mechanics. You will see some location information about important clan holdings. A look at individual clan traditions. The book also includes NPC's from the clans history (the NPC's in my previews are not in the book and are not canon).

For new players to the game this sourcebook will provide you with details that help you flesh out your character. Combined with Emerald Empire you'll be able to be brought up to speed on the setting. For veteran players the book contains little gems and nuggets of new info. I learned a few new things from reading the Scorpion chapter and I've been playing the game for a long time now. There's also the added bonus that I no longer need to toss all my Way of and Secret of books into my bag before going off to game.

The mechanic's featured helped to round out the clans more. There are more Ancestors and even the addition of Vassal families.

Next week I'll start clan previews.


  1. Anny chance the Tables of Ancestry return?

  2. If you're talking about Heritage Tables then at this time I'm not ready to comment on whether they are or aren't back.

  3. Any chance you can comment on the following in your previews:

    - Presence/absence of Kakita Artisan (or 4e equivalent)
    - Presence/absence of Asako Henshin (or 4e equivalent)
    - Mechanics for clan-martial arts, esp. Drunken Mantis

  4. You'll have to wait till you see what I preview for Crane. Should answer the Henshin question

    Mechanics for clan martial arts are likely to follow the same format as I expressed about the Doji Magistrate. So it will come down to whether or not any given clan gets a more martial artists type school.