Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emerald Empire Previews

And as promised Todd has put up some previews for Emerald Empire. For those who may be at work and can't take a look at the pdf's let me break it down for you.

The first preview posted is the Table of Contents. You'll be able to see that the book pretty much covers 300 pages of information on Rokugan. The index in the original Emerald Empire starts on page 269 while in the new Emerald Empire starts on 296. That's 27 pages of brand new material :).

This new material includes new chapters. Chapter Five is a chapter covering the Arts. Chapter Eleven covers the world beyond Rokugan. And there are now two new appendixes added.

The second Appendix is the other pdf preview. This Appendix is a Way of the Daiymo update. Lovingly crafted by Brian Yoon, if you were a fan of the original Way of the Daimyo then you won't want to miss out on this.

Considering the new chapters, new schools (Soshi Magistrate) and even updates for some oldies but goodies (Shinjo Bushi, Doji Magistrate) I would venture to say that Emerald Empire is much more than an update of an instant classic.


  1. Is there a Hiruma scout school in the book? Its not mentioned (none of the schools are in the ToC that I can see) and would be current for the time setting along with the Shinjo Bushi.

  2. In an early post I mentioned that the Crab got a Hida school. That's about as far as I'm cleared to talk about. :)