Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekend in Rokugan

At about this time of the year the good folks of Hero's of Rokugan run a weekend long event called Weekend in Rokugan. It's a chance to get together and do some face to face role playing in the Hero's of Rokugan setting.

This is the 3rd campgain for the Hero's of Rokugan game titled Spirit of Bushido. It takes place during the Spirit Wars and will be an alternate reality for that setting.

If you're intrested in going to WiR

January 14, to January 16th at the Plaza Hotel in Overland Park
7000 W. 108th St., Overland Park, KS, 66211, USA

Entry fee is $17 dollars at the door, $15 in advance, with the profit going to Harvesters. Donations to the food bank, either grocery or dry goods (toothpaste, papertowels, anything of the sort) will recieve one exp for your pc, similar to KC Game fair. January is a difficult month for food banks, as they have used up most of their stock in December helping folks have a good Christmas

For more info on HoR try these links

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